Stop spending your valuable time searching for new clients.
Start bringing them TO you with curated event experiences.

We plan and manage event experiences that generate revenue for small businesses.

Stay Connected

When you started your company you wore many hats.

But today you have a team to do a lot of that for you.  
Now, it’s up to you to consistently bring in new clients to pay for your growing team…

BUT, you’ve tapped out your network and just don’t have the bandwidth for networking like you used to…

meanwhile, lead gen social media strategies take months to produce results…

and the marketing “experts” you’ve hired aren’t generating any qualified, new leads.

You're at a critical point in your business... you need a way to bring in consistent, new leads that are qualified, like, yesterday.

Get a "done-for-you" event series that is customized to attract a consistent community of loyal partners who need your business services, with Powerful Partners.

Here's how it works...

Fill out our application to schedule a complimentary Event Planning Call with Megan.  When you click the button below you will be taken to a form with a few questions.  When you’ve completed the form, click the button and you will be taken to a calendar to schedule your call.

Once we determine we’re a good fit, simply book your event date and our team of experts will take it from there!

We manage everything from the event marketing and email automations, to event planning and day-of preparation to keep you on task. Our goal is to help your guests see you shine!

Stop spending your valuable time searching for new clients and start bringing them TO you with a customized event experience – schedule a complimentary event planning call, today.

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Megan Wessels wearing a green dress and holding a large, rainbow swirl lollipop

Hi, I'm Megan...

I am your Wingwoman for events that produce an ROI for your business. 

I’ve been using event experiences to grow my business for the last 7 years. 

You may have heard of me… I’ve become known in Chicago for hosting monthly Dinner Parties for professional women.

Hundreds of women from all over the Chicago area, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin joined my email list so they could receive an invite each month.
At one point in my business, I offered a membership called the Powerful Partners Forum where women entrepreneurs could get advice and feedback to help their business grow.  The Dinner Parties became my biggest source of leads for the membership.

Upcoming Events

Join me for one of the events I’m hosting in the Chicago area!  Click the calendar image for event details.

Rooftop Party

2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Rooftop Party

Dinner Party

"What They Don't Want You to Sea"

Dinner Party

"The Future of Your Food"

Dinner Party

"Spreading Joy & Happiness"

"I have had the pleasure of hosting dinner parties in the suburbs with Megan for years and she is a true connector. It is her authenticity, intentionality and sincerity that Megan brings to every event that makes her guests feel welcomed and comfortable networking in priceless ways. A meticulous and efficient planner, she is such a light and a force that helps other women get to the next level with meaningful connections. All because of Megan."
headshot of Dana Davenport
Dana M. Davenport Esq., Dana Being Dana
"Thank you, Megan for bringing your organizational and creativity skills to my company events. I love your flexibility whether it’s a networking event or a cyber security event, you always know how to get butts in the seats. The biggest fear a business owner has when throwing an event is “what if only five people show up?”. I never have to worry about that when I get you involved and not to mention we always have a great time and make an impact. I’ve closed many deals through these events and created a huge network and brand. So glad I found you!"
Joanna Mirov headshot
Joanna Mirov, MXOtech
"Megan's events are always well thought out, particularly the effort made and research that goes into making the powerful connections she's famous for. At her Rooftop Rosè Tasting this summer she connected me with a collector who needed help displaying her art. It just so happened that the art pieces she needed assistance with were created by three of my favorite artists... Salvadore Dali, Peter Max and Thomas Kincade! Megan paired me with the collector out of a sense that we might get along. I'd say she nailed it!"
Cheryl Vargas headshot
Cheryl Vargas, Studio 928
"Thank you so much for hosting an incredible event on Friday. I registered so long ago that when it finally snuck up on me I was almost feeling like 'ugh ... this week has been exhausting - I don't want to go talk to strangers all night'. Man oh man - am I glad I went! I met some incredible women and had a fantastic time. It's always fun to spend time with other successful and intelligent folks that you can have deeper conversation with."
Emily Washcovick headshot
Emily Washcovick, Yelp

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