Megan Wessels - Connector Extraordinaire

Megan Wessels CEO

Megan Wessels is on a mission to help  small businesses professionals achieve greater abundance in their life & business through the people they meet.  Megan always had a gift for connecting with others and over the years she became obsessed with improving her skills.  She spent time attending seminars and reading books such as The Go-Giver, Never Eat Alone, How to Win Friends & Influence People, and The Referral of a Lifetime.  During 11 years in sales and 5 years in leadership roles Megan learned the strategies, skills and actions that have a real impact on the growth of someone’s network.

With an astonishing record in 2 significant leadership positions at the National Association of Professional Women, Megan Wessels has built a sisterhood of women who bring value to each other. As Chicago Chapter President, she led an increase in membership from 250 members to over 1,400 members. In addition, she subsequently led 40 Chapter Presidents to similar success in her role as NAPW Central Regional Manager.

Prior to NAPW, Megan worked for her family’s plastics manufacturing company. It was there she developed and implemented strategies to increase company sales through pre-qualified, warm leads instead of daily cold calling. These strategies earned her the top sales rep position for 7 years.

Megan Wessels Introduces Powerful Partners

With her proven P.O.W.E.R. Strategy in-hand and many powerful partnerships of her own, Megan launched Powerful Partners, Inc to teach others the unique networking skills she developed through 11 years of sales and leadership experience. Her “4 Pillars of Powerful Partnerships” was created to help small business professionals grow their business and their network.

Megan understands that in order to maximize your business referrals your primary focus needs to be on the type of people you spend time connecting with and how you add value to their lives.  She built the “4 Pillars of Powerful Partnerships” to coach small business professionals how to:

• Solidify their foundation
• Build long-lasting one-on-one relationships
• Optimize event networking
• Establish a system & strategy to stay in touch

Megan has built a tremendous network of Powerful Partners across the US that brings her great joy in both business and life. By sharing her gift she’s helping others to build long-lasting relationships that ultimately lead to a more rewarding life.

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