To create more economic power for womxn.


Powerful Partners is a membership organization for growth-minded womxn entrepreneurs who are committed to purposefully evolving their business and personal life.


We match growth-minded womxn entrepreneurs into circles of 8. Each circle consists of womxn with diverse backgrounds, ages, cultures and industries so that they may learn from each other and grow together. Monthly meetings are the time for members to work on their business in a structured and safe setting, holding each other accountable to growth goals and commitments. Each circle attends an annual weekend retreat, creating space for deep connection and personal growth. Members across Powerful Partners connect through events and an on-line community.


Womxn entrepreneurs complete an application and enter the interview process.  Once a member has been approved she/they will be notified when we've matched her/them with a circle.  At that time the $699 membership fee is due.


Our culture revolves around two elements – connection and fun.


Inclusion is Our Standard, Not Our Goal
We are committed to a diverse and inclusive Powerful Partners Network.  The more we see each other, the more we open ourselves to connection & abundance.

Above the Line
We strive to always communicate and lead from a place of love, curiosity, and growth.

Always Do Your Best
There’s fulfillment and gratification in a job well done and we inspire those around us to be on their A-game because, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Growth Happens Together
Every interaction with our members is an opportunity to show our appreciation and learn what they need to grow.  If our members are growing, we are growing.


Female founder, CEO Megan WesselsMEGAN WESSELS


Megan is the glue that brings amazing, ambitious womxn together. ♥️

In 2015 she walked into her father's office and said “I'm done.” She left a 6-figure income at her family's manufacturing business to follow her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur… Powerful Partners Inc. was born.

While working for her father, Megan had the opportunity to lead the Chicago Chapter of over 1400 members for the National Association of Professional Women. Under her leadership, Chicago became the 2nd largest Chapter in NAPW, while raising over $18,000 for local charities and supporting hundreds of small businesses. Megan was promoted to Central Regional Manager, overseeing the growth of NAPW Chapters in 13 different states.

Through this life-changing experience Megan discovered her gift for bringing together womxn who collectively raise the bar for one another.

The Powerful Partners membership and Dinner Party is Megan's way of using her gifts for a bigger purpose… to create more economic power for womxn. Because, what we create together is more than we could ever create on our own.

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Debbie is a “lover” of operations! She brings over 15 years of experience working with female business owners and leaders. She thrives on strategy, planning and implementation of operations activities that enable her clients to focus on business needs that are of the highest and best use of their time. Debbie’s end goal? To help create growth within her clients’ business. Passionate about serving, Debbie leads with heart and is able to help execute against a business owner’s vision with excellence. In Debbie’s spare time she can be found wondering about in nature, rock hunting, or laughing and storytelling with her grandson.


Graphic Design & Marketing

Video Editing