Powerful Partners’ Client Testimonials

After just one month of working with Megan she helped me increase my connections on Linkedin from 24 to 500+! I have paid in the past to “learn” how to set up my profile and just never took the time to actually do it and working with Megan made it SOOOO easy. She did it for me as I watched her and she asked me questions. I LOVE the results and I feel the content accurately represents my business and mission. I HIGHLY recommend Megan for anyone needing to set up a Linkedin account/profile.

~ Jen Coffel, Personal Development Coach, Author

I met Megan in the early stages of a major career change, leaving an Operations Management position and going into self-employment in Sales. I had been through a rigorous training at the new endeavor and was drowning in “a 1000 ways to sell and market yourself”. Megan saw right away that I needed laser focus. She brought order to the white noise and prioritized the top things that will accelerate my goal, relieving me of the pressure of having to do it all. She is great at follow-up with me, she set me up on an accountability track where I checked in with her many times and even had to produce homework.

Megan’s greatest asset is that she authentically walks the journey with you and at the heart of her is to find your strengths and celebrate them unapologetically. She hits you where it matters, which is your mindset.

She has taken this same journey with her own company, walks the walk and will give you the lessons she learned. She still has mentors in her own life, the likes of executives of fortune 500 companies.

~Lisa B., @properties

I’m missing you already! Thank you so much for such a fantastic group experience!! You led it with tremendous grace and ease and the information you provided was extremely helpful, thought provoking, enlightening, and practical too! It’s all going to help my business to grow and change in a whole new level. I have gained a significant amount of clarity and confidence to move forward in a positive direction. Every week I felt more inspired and my soul was refueled after leaving each meeting. This was truly a powerful experience!!

~ Evon Mucek, Transformational Life Coach

The Mastermind group was extremely helpful to my financial practice. I fumbled around to figure out my target market, a marketing strategy and set goals for my business. After going through the 10 week program I am clear on who I want to work with, why I do what I do and what action items I need to take every day to reach my goal. Having clarity and the right mindset has changed my perspective on activities I was once scared of, such as picking up the phone, but I now view that as a necessary activity for my mission to serve people.

~ Tess Zigo, Financial Advisor

Powerful Partners’ Workshop Testimonials

“Dear Megan, I want to thank you for inspiring me this evening to do networking. I have already found a bunch of fellow college alumni on here whom I’ve added, and I will continue to reach out to people. So, thanks for that spark.”

~  David K., Writer & Editor

“I attended Megan’s Powerful Partners LinkedIn Workshop and was very impressed by the content and though process by which she delivered this seminar. The attention to detail in learning her P-O-W-E-R Strategy and also the 5 LinkedIn Etiquette Commandments are now the building blocks by which I engage with fellow professionals through LinkedIn. I would highly recommend this seminar.”

Kelly Kelechi Adighije, Senior Mechanical Engineer

“Megan is a fabulous mentor and truly inspirational.  I was immediately drawn to her confidence and powerful persona.”   ~ Cheryl B.

“Megan’s enthusiasm, ideas and approach to developing your network and how to leverage your network has helped me to transcend my business development and take me to the next level.”  ~ Mary Kay L., Guaranteed Rate

“The workshop was extremely informative.  I learned techniques that I will utilize immediately to build and expand my business.  Awesome!”   ~ Dr. Jan F., JHFortman & Associates

Megan’s Powerful Partners

“Within the first ten minutes of talking with someone I can tell if they are serious about accomplishing their big dreams and if they have what it takes to make them happen. One of those people is Megan Wessels. Megan possesses the ability to dream big and is willing to work for her big dreams. She also has the talent and the capabilities of showing other women how to do the same! With her corporate experience, her professional connections and her ability to get things done she is the right kind of trainer, coach and mentor you will need when wanting to grow your network, expand your influence and make things happen!”

~ Ryan Avery – 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking

Powerful Partners’ Dinner Party Testimonials

“Megan, thank you for bringing such a great group of women together. Last Friday was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. I found we got to know each other on a more intimate level, opening us up to very meaningful discussions.”

~ Cecelia Hamilton, Heartfelt Catering

“What a fun, energizing group of dynamic women! I enjoyed hearing about what makes each of you tick! It is an exciting time to be doing what we all believe in.  Thank you Megan for bringing us all together and for an amazing evening of conversations, thoughts and connections.”

~ Sunita Vira, Raw Food Centre

“Megan thank you so much for cultivating and sharing your unique brilliance of connecting people, and empowering all of us to cultivate our own.  I’m so proud to get to know all of you and spend time in the company of amazing, talented and dynamic women.”

~ Tayonon Gbala, A Balanced You Massage

“I was honored to be invited to the Powerful Partners Dinner Party hosted by Megan Wessels. I was looking forward to the evening with other business women, but had no idea it would be as “powerful” of an evening as it turned out to be. I found myself admiring and learning from other business women; finding similarities in our struggles and joy in our successes. As a woman in a male dominated business world for 30 years, I have succeeded by “fitting in” and recently have found that I can be very successful by not fitting in, but by being myself and bringing my differences to the business world. I saw this same quality in the other Powerful Women that were present at Powerful Partners. We discussed and shared stores of the word of the year, Vulnerability – it was healthy and liberating to share in an intimate group and safe environment. Thank you for the opportunity to attend and I would strongly encourage other women to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.”

~ Kelly S., Whirlpool Corporation

“Megan is an extreme professional. I was honored to be an invitee at her Powerful Partners Launch Dinner. It was a wonderful night to collaborate with like minded women. I enjoyed the intimate setting that allowed true sharing. I have built relationships with amazing women, introduced by Megan and Powerful Partners.  She is a rock star!”

~ Cheryl B., Independent Business Owner

“It has been a pleasure getting to know Megan Wessels of Powerful Partners. She lives her message to help other women build their businesses. Megan has a dynamic personality that is very welcoming and encouraging. Genuinely, she wants to help others and it shows. Through her experiences, she has consistently proven that her formula of “The 4 Pillars” works and she wants to share it with the world. As a guest at her dinner party, I found it to be one of my favorite events of the year. Meeting with a diverse group of women from all industries was intriguing. Hearing their experiences, struggles, successes definitely reinforced that we all go through the same peaks and valleys as women entrepreneurs. It was refreshing to be in the company of similar women who were willing to share and not fighting to be competitive. I definitely made some great connections who will become ‘Powerful Partners.’ Thank you, Megan!”

~ Cindy T., SoConnected

My experience was Powerful. To hear other peers share their learning curve within the Business & Professional Development offers such a growth within yourself as a professional. The dinner offered a relaxed environment. I enjoyed the small group of women. I found the attendees were from a diverse industry, yet they are are experiencing a lot of the same professional challenges. I left the Powerful Partners Dinner Party understanding that relationship building is the key to growth and success.

~ Amelia F., Owner, Physicians Preferred Home Care, Inc.