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Finding & Filling the Gaps In a $1700B Industry

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“Find those partners who will expand your services and share clients with you… it's the fastest way to grow.”


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  • Recognizing a need in the marketplace and creating the only woman-owned company fulfilling that need got her in the door with a lot of customers.
  • Leveraging relationships with clients you already have by asking for their advice and feedback as you launch can turn into a powerful vendor partnership.
  • When you start it's normal to sell everything you can to get revenue in the door, then narrow your offerings later on based on what you're really good at and what the market wants.
  • As a leader it's important to take a step back from time to time to identify the things that are not working, then declare where you will focus your time and what you will be known for.
  • Seek and build contract partnerships that extend your capabilities so you can create a complete offering for your clients. You can't grow organically by yourself.
  • Other women entrepreneurs will give you the best advice because they understand what you're going through. They're more empathetic and creative than men. Surrounding yourself with women like this is crucial to growth.


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1:33 Michelle’s journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

4:48 How narrowing service offerings during the economy crash served Michelle’s business well

5:37 Lessons learned in the first few years of business

7:57 Michelle shares some significant choices and actions that propelled her business to 7 figures

10:30 The benefits of belonging to other women-based programs and groups

12:55 The impact of purpose-driven work

18:59 Michelle shares her biggest challenge as a womxn entrepreneur

20:20 Overcoming limiting beliefs

22:11 Michelle shares some valuable advice for other womxn entrepreneurs

23:38 Michelle shares what is most important to her now


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